*available weekends only

At Mortar + Pestle, we believe talented chefs with a passion to cook can come from anywhere. We are here to discover them and give them a platform to showcase their talents, share their passion, and provide our diners with a truly unique dining experience.


If you are a seafood lover and a connoisseur of the vibrant flavours of Thai cuisine you are in for a treat. Chef Massimo, a superbly talented and passionate chef form Italy, is setting up residence at our Marylebone restaurant.


Massimo spent over a decade making the most exquisite European cuisine while also perfecting his culinary expertise in the defining characteristics of Thai food. Massimo’s goal is to stay true to Thai flavours, while prioritising local, sustainable ingredients, and adding a European twist. His meals pack a punch. His exclusive Mortar + Pestle menu celebrates the richness and vibrancy of Thai ingredients in combination with modern European cooking.


Chef Massimo takes over the kitchen at Mortar + Pestle every weekend. Book your table now for a dining experience not to be missed.

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Tel. 0203 3024 644

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