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Just a few minutes walk from London Marylebone Station and London Business School, Mortar + Pestle Thai Restaurant is a unique experience of the very best in Thai cuisine.


Mortar + Pestle is sister restaurant to the highly successful Monkey and Me on Crawford Street. Both restaurants serve delicious Thai food that stays true to its Eastern origin, while adding a modern twist to offer the best in contemporary dining. Our diverse and flavourful menu has been designed to satisfy every palate.


To assure the quality of our food, we source only the best and freshest spices, pastes, vegetables and herbs direct from Thailand, through our partners Thai Tana. By doing so, we know all our dishes are sensational and cooked with finest quality.


We would like to invite you to experience the bold flavour of Thailand whilst enjoying our warm and relaxing ambience.


Mortar + Pestle is the place where friends get together to relax, where family come to enjoy a good meal , and where the every one comes to dine.

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